Monday, April 2, 2012

Exposing Fraud, Abuse and Unethical behavior in America

Its takes a HERO to stand alone, to go somewhere when you know danger can lie ahead. Taking a stand today for what is right can cost you your home, finances, health and future. Not just anyone takes the time to EXPOSE, report and do the right thing. When I first came across Crystal L. Cox I felt compelled to speak out and support her efforts. She was doing something not many people do. She was going up against unethical, immoral and dishonest people who are using our court system to hide their crimes and abuse. I'm in a similar situation where my sister Sylvia Schmidt of San Marino CA perjured a petition to force our mother Gertrude Gettinger into a conservatorship. It gets worse, Sylvia stole over $200,000.00 in bank account funds from our mother and wanted to use conservatorship to stop our mother from reporting the crimes. Once conserved Sylvia could legally force our mother to be injected with heavy psychotic drugs which would make her look mentally ill. She could use the law to have our mother locked away against her will in a dementia home (any not even have dementia).

You would think all you needed to do was appear in court with proof of the perjury and crimes? However our courts are run by judges who don't care about evidence, justice or our seniors. They appear to care about creating legal fees. The dirty little secret, lawyers WANT MONEY and money to them is made from legal fees. If you consider that lawyers demand $250 -$600 an hour for just appearing in court then any court hearing or legal meeting constitutes thousands of dollars. That same court which Sylvia Schmidt lied to, falsified documents, drugged her own mother and locked her away so she could not report Sylvia's own crimes was now working with Sylvia.

What is worse is that court of law was demanding I go to trial, an event that would cost me over $150,000.00 of my live savings. WHY? It gets worse the judge in charge Candace Beason of Pasadena CA did not even read any of my petitions or evidence submitted at the cost of thousands of dollars. In fact Judge Beason refused to allow any investigation of the missing funds and allowed all subpoenas to be blocked. Why go to trial if the judge won't even let you gather all the facts? I have the missing bank account numbers never reported by Sylvia Schmidt to the probate department, I even have cashed checks going into those accounts.

The problem here is the court allowed Sylvia Schmidt to have access of 100% of Gertrude's estimated worth 2 million dollars. This is totally against probate rules and regulations which state the majority of the funds must be in blocked accounts. Yet the court never followed any of the rules.

Sylvia did what many criminals do, she used the money to hire one of the most expensive lawyers in Pasadena CA Philip Barbaro Jr. who was the president of the Pasadena bar. No one complained that Sylvia replaced Christopher Edward Overgaard (the previous unethical lawyer) who perjured the petition to force Gertrude Gettinger into conservatorship at a rate of $250 and hour with Mr. Barbaro at $350 an hour. Sylvia had Gertrude's own millions to spend and risk.

Money buys the court, it buys justice in America, these unethical lawyers and judges don't want YOU OR ME to know their crimes, they don't want their families and friends to know they're con-artists and frauds. They twist the law, LIE and cheat people all in the name of greed and profit.

Crystal L. Cox is in a similar scam where she has proven crimes and unethical behavior, yet a court ignores the facts and crimes. By ignoring the crimes the court actually supports them and makes illegal activity legal.

Its up to every American to take a stand, EXPOSE these people who use our justice system, who abuse our constitutional rights and hide UNETHICAL BEHAVIOR. These judges and lawyers swore to an oath and disregard it.

Please support, expose and help ANYONE who takes a stand, these are the real hero's.

Who is Crystal L. Cox?

A self-described “investigative blogger” has been ordered to hand over $2.5 million to an investment firm after a federal judge in Oregon ruled she was not a journalist and therefore not entitled to the legal protections afforded to them.
Crystal L. Cox of Montana was sued in January by the Obsidian Finance Group for defamation after she claimed the firm’s co-founder, Kevin Padrick, acted illegally during bankruptcy proceedings, according to the Associated Press. She posted that he was a “thug” and a “thief,” which she claims was based on an inside source.
But U.S. District Judge Marco A. Hernandez ruled that Cox was not protected by Oregon’s shield law, which allows journalists to protect their sources. Read the FULL STORY

Why Support Crystal L. Cox?

Crystal L. Cox has shown all Americans that honor, ethics and morals mean more than money and profit. Millions of Americans are affected each year by unethical lawyers, judges and a legal system which lacks justice and no longer supports our constitutional rights.

Americans deserve to know the truth, to stand up for what is right and be protected by our constitution. Crystal has taken a stand and made it clear that justice and ethics are more important. Every American needs to be informed what is going on in our court rooms, how law is being used against justice.

Money should not be what decides justice or right and wrong, our legal system is being used and abused by those who twist the law and our justice system to suit their needs.

Every American needs to stand beside Crystal L. Cox as her battle is ours. Our courts should be a place for justice for all. A place for right, fairness and equality.

Thank you
Robert Gettinger
Los Angeles CA